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Nov 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
says. i mean since youtube steve james and that no one should be in the nineteen ninety two said that its support to groups in kashmir was not stalled the us would have predicted focused on as a stitch on some of those. we have information indicating that are inside and of those and then continue to provide material support to groups that having his students. i must dig up information based industry. from vegas that was in her condo focused on small wooden board to the us writes in his new book. he was voted monday button on its package of sanctions be applied against its own to be supporting acts of internationalism and i have this possibility of cutting open his mission the decision is that the guardian notes in his bull markets and delusions little was desolate been the coolest blacks than you assemble it is from above the us in the form of an office information that your intelligence the isi and elements of the army of supporting fresh meaty and sikh militants who got the optimism not stopping points included the book says the board comprised are awaiting victims training and assi
Nov 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
totally involved in this mystery, so, here i am. >> steve gave up his job nine years ago, and finances his search for the monster by selling miniature models of nessie to tourists. what are some of the, kind of, established theories about nessie? >> people will look for all sorts of different things. we're all hunting for whatever the answer is, but some people are looking for giant sturgeon, or giant catfish. one guy is hunting for a time gate, back into the past. he believes the answer is, we're seeing things from way back in the past through this, weird. people have got all sorts of different ideas as to what it is. >> now, have you had any sightings yourself? >> i wouldn't say i've seen anything that is 100 percent, definitely one of these animals. >> hmm mm. >> if i saw one of these animals, possibly i wouldn't even tell anybody. you know, doing what i do, if you're asked 60 times a day, have you seen it yet? doesn't take long to say, no. >> yeah. >> but, if i had a long sighting of it, and 60 times a day i had to describe the same event to 60 different people, i'd probably resort bac
Nov 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
with steve connected with the vehicle. twenty days pretty successful the london eye the challenge saw the preparation store that has been completed. and yet confident opportunity the spacecraft is scheduled to start all the team last time except them lol. among the onyx has competed at a cost of seventy main villain is also the cheapest mission to mars. the elimination of the house i was faced with a budget of four hundred and eighty five minute delays the site european union and the shot that beat a bid to launch a successful and wants me she knows who was by japan and china had faded. the most cost efficient nation has also positioned india as a school day in the three hundred phone until this beast market. the senior most down to justice without the consent and on the house the children of the country's new chief justice. my friend caitlin is even the government made several key appointments. injustice does not mean that a coastline december trafford against incumbent it's become a machete attacks. those tentative the form of an eu citizen in any justice to the knee is often de
Nov 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
border tensions in steve's flyby missions have prevented any big ticket initiated the flow the piece. it's a serious thoughtful fun stocking. he's a foot between the two countries goes on the eve of the fifth time it will be offered to both them and it came with us. i like most in evidence. a fool would try and get tubes and focused on making indian and us officials don't want to sound sincere teach him to pull. the one two to six people including six americans look cute been pinned up front it started to india's financial ability to produce its november two thousand and eight. walk a thon said most it out. this will involve put into the dustbin to fit in confessions of arkansas new medic and david coleman hit me. approves the events of the secrets of the wooden boat in the sixty odd speech yes the same courses basing itself on and the money of our items and on monday has backed up into a cd of cycling full flights function night to undermine sweat pants shirt. hiking is expected to make landfall on busy bickering much to the putnam and cutting the putnam in on the beach they i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4